5 Tips for Music Artists to Build a Career, plus my list of sites to grow your music presence

With the rise of social media, music is becoming more and more accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile. The question remains, though, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

You’ve got the talent, you’ve got the drive, and you’ve got the music! Congratulations, you’re an aspiring musician and a star on the rise. Now to make sure your success doesn’t end with just one album or performance, check out these tips for building a successful career in music.

Do what you’re passionate about.

Music is essential in life. There is nothing more important to you at this moment; play or sing, and let the world see that you enjoy doing both. Ah! Additionally, never forget that the most loving demonstration of respect for music is never to disrespect it in any way.

Do not jump into the void, have a sufficient economic mattress to support you.  

The most famous musicians indeed make a lot of money, but they had to invest heavily in pursuing their dreams before they got there. It is necessary to have a comfortable bank account, especially in the beginning, when everything is expenses and income is conspicuous by its absence. As in any new job, in the beginning, you have to tighten your belt to reap the fruits in the future.

Let yourself be advised by those who know about the subject. 

Don’t isolate yourself in your project. Submit to other people’s opinions. But not only from your friends, who will probably lie to you to not hurt your feelings, but from specialists in the industry. Take heed of their advice and don’t take their criticism personally. If you have asked their opinion, it is because you want to hear it, be it good or bad. Only by discovering your weak points can you improve!

Call for luck with all your might. 

Why do some artists succeed and others not? For many reasons, but a fundamental one is a luck. Being in the right place at a specific time or meeting someone essential at a precise moment. If luck is not on your side, it will be more difficult. Of course, do not leave everything to chance: fate must be sought.

Stay in touch with your followers.  

Once people get to know you, you must take care of your audience, as they are the main responsible for putting you in your place. Fame does not come to any artist if they do not have fans behind them. Take care of your social networks, take advantage of the concerts to start conversations with them. In the end, you will end up thanking them.

Even if you follow these tips to succeed in music, you cannot ignore one of the most important things: make yourself known to the world. Thanks to the internet, you have it easier because there are many platforms for your music to reach any corner of the planet. 

Here we are going to detail five of them:

  • Social networks: It is what everyone uses constantly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Any place where there are people is good to try to ‘strain’ your music. You never know where a viral might come from that includes a song of yours.
  • BandPage: If you need to take your music to platforms like YouTube or Facebook, you will find great help here. In addition, with this tool, you can create your own website, your online store, experiences with your fans, and earn money.
  • Reverbnation: The meeting point for musicians from all over the world. Among other things, you can contact managers to offer them your services or with other professional colleagues to create alliances.
  • Kompoz: Creating music has become global. Can you imagine composing a song with an Argentine girl and recording it with an Australian bassist, a Russian drummer, and a German singer? Thanks to this crowdsourcing platform, you can make it happen.
  • StageIt: You will only need an internet connection to set up your own online concert. And people will have it as easy as one click to listen to your music.

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