Free Techniques to Self-Promote your New Music

Free Techniques to Self-Promote your New Music

The internet has increased connectivity, which is a good thing. Artists can connect with their audience in new ways, and users can discover new music. This has changed the way music is promoted, especially for independent artists. Rather than relying on record labels to reach the crowds, independent musicians can connect directly with their fans and make their voices heard.

Despite these new options, you may be unsure how to promote your music online. Where to begin? In addition to the artist branding advice, here are few ideas to help you promote your music. We hope you will have all the information you need to go out and promote your music after reading it.

Whether you want to be known by connecting with other musicians or influencers, appearing on playlists and blogs, or performing regularly, building a relationship with your fans is essential.

The magical world of the independent musician, where you make music out of passion and making money, can become just a dream in the distant future. Requires many of them to occupy different roles, from scheduling your own “bowling” to finding the best and most economical marketing strategy to promote yourself.

That said, here are some elementary marketing techniques that have no cost for you to self-promote.

Google Alert

Did you know that you can get free Google alerts when online conversations about your music and your band happen? Google browses the interweb in search of keywords and sends you an email to notify you. If you have a unique name like “Punky and the Obese Flies,” finding and filtering the results quickly and easily. Suppose your name is familiar, like “The frogs,” you will probably have to spend some time filtering results on pages of psychoactive frogs. Stay focused, and it’s marketing time! Review the information until you find the one related to your band and interact with your fans.

Connect with Musicians and Influencers

Another way to promote your music is to talk to other artists and adopt a “peer-to-peer” strategy. Explore Facebook groups, Reddit forums, Twitter hashtags, etc., to connect with artists in your orbit. If you get along and your music is similar, you can mutually benefit by making each other known to your respective audiences. You could even collaborate on your next releases, putting your music within reach of a wider audience.

In addition to making friends with other artists, try meeting music influencers. Find out who is creating engaging content on YouTube, Instagram, etc., and think about what you can offer them. You may be invited to talk about your creative process on a podcast or review your latest single in the news section.

Follow up with your fans.

Get into the conversation. Use the social networks Facebook and Twitter to get started. The way most fan communities grow is through the actual interaction between musicians and their fans; Put aside the “rock star” complex and talk to them, thank them for their support, for listening to your music, and for going to your concerts. You must post regularly; if you don’t, those who “liked” you on Facebook may forget why they liked your music in the first place.


Another great and free platform is Youtube. Post videos of your shows or covers of your favorite songs and link them to your other profiles on social networks.

QR codes

Have you heard of these codes? Anyone with a Smartphone can scan the code (Printed on your concert flyer, on your business card, or the packaging of your album) and be instantly directed to the web page of your choice without having to type the address in the browser. You can link this QR to your ReverbNation profile, Facebook fan page, or band website, so your potential fans will have immediate access to your unique and original musical creations.

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