My Advice for independent artists in the face of COVID-19 – Top 4 Tips

My Advice for independent artists in the face of COVID-19 – Top 4 Tips

It is in these difficult moments that all the musical actors have to be united the most. With the arrival of COVID-19, governments worldwide have taken measures to prevent the virus from continuing to spread. One of the most affected industries is music, due to the cancellation of ALL events that attract many people. To avoid contagion means independent concerts, festivals, cinema functions, theaters, music markets, etc.

That is why here are some valuable tips on what you can do in times of quarantine (apart from staying home and only going out if it is essential)

1: It’s time to make new music:

How long have you not had so much “free time”? Take advantage of every minute of the day to turn all that energy into new music. Do you usually compose with your band friends? Then you can take the first step by recording some new idea you have and sending it to the band to do their thing. Don’t stop until you have your new album! 

2: Post-Quarantine Plan

Did you start 20201 with a plan for the year? If you didn’t, you have a 2nd chance when the quarantine ends, and it is time to organize concerts again, record the video clip of your song, arrange that meeting with your fan club, do that photo session that you left for later. Take advantage of the time and make a plan with short and medium-term objectives so that your musical project takes off. Until then, you can move forward with the storyboard of your video clip, organize a virtual meeting with your fans, collect references for the photoshoots, etc.

3: Social Networks 

How long have you not updated the information of your musical project on Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify? It is time to update your social networks so that your audience is aware of all the news, and you can start editing your biography, uploading some new photos to your profile, a video with all the members of your band. The “lives” are also worth it!

Nothing better in times of quarantine than doing a live broadcast with your fans to talk, tell them about the plans for the next few months and even organize a mini-concert, do not miss the opportunity because right now, we are all connected. They can also do their covers or versions of their songs remotely.

4: Reframe

Perhaps the project you are in has already lost that “magic” that it had initially, or some member has already lost interest in working on it. It can be from the type of music you are making to the way they dress and show themselves to their audience, and this is the ideal time to be able to rethink EVERYTHING in your project. Watching videos of your presentations can help you see what things you can do to get better.

Do not forget that we all left together from this quarantine, take care of yourselves and your loved ones, take advantage of all this (unexpected) time that we will spend at home, May the music always be with you.

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