How Can Artists Promote Their Music On Social Media’s – A 2022 Guide

Independent musicians had to seek options to interact with music companies to get their music heard, in recent years. Because of that, the industry has adapted, and today, promoting your creativity to the masses is easier than ever.

This guide is for you if you want to get your name out there, make your tracks heard, and generate income. We tell you how to promote your music on social networks.

But before you start, remember that each platform has its advantages. Therefore, the main thing is to develop a strategy that combines all these advantages. Let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Promotion through social networks

Posting tracks to your accounts or groups is far from the only way to show your work to the world. Frankly, you can’t create an attractive profile based on your leads alone. Yes, you can sound perfect with DAW setups ranging from EQs to delays and vibrations, but what’s the point if no one wants to hear you?

Build a castle of stories around your music and pave the way for communication with your audience. These are the two most important aspects of promoting social media.

Creating your own YouTube fan base

YouTube is an entirely free platform and has long been an integral part of the music industry, with over 2 billion users. First, you need to create an official artist channel that looks decent and professional. Right from this channel, you can share anything from music videos and live performances to jams, as well as questions and answers.

The basic idea is to have a variety of content that can be classified into different playlists. Referring to similar channels is the best way to meet more people with similar interests. Don’t hesitate; make yourself visible! Keep posting fresh content, have comments on your videos, be proactive and friendly.

The good thing about YouTube, is that you may do also videos about various things (not just music videos) and then eventually, get viewers on those videos which will then get to watch also your music.

Here are some steps to start your music career on YouTube:

  1. Create a YouTube channel.
  2. Approve your channel as official (equivalent to a verified artist profile on YouTube)
  3. Complete your feed by adding a photo, banner, icons, description, website, and social media links. Make it professional and great, if you don’t have graphic design skills, you may use tools like Canva.
  4. Add sections to your channel.
  5. Customize your channel URL, so it’s easy to remember.
  6. Make your videos easier to find with keyword-rich titles. Feel free to add icons, watermarks, labels, and descriptions.
  7. Don’t be afraid to upload more than music videos. Add live streams, broadcasts, covers, vlogs, instructions, behind-the-scenes shows, etc.)
  8. Set a schedule and stick to it. Channels where new videos are posted regularly, have more views and subscribers.
  9. You may also want to pay professionals to promote your music video releases. (just make sure to use organic services).

Look for potential fans in music cloud sites (such as SoundCloud)

A feature and a great advantage of cloud storage is a unique audience, meaning if someone is on Soundcloud, it is for just one thing: music. Also, you may use it to engage with listeners while also improving. You can allow fans to mark gaps in tracks using waveforms. This is a great way to interact with listeners and also a great way to find out about their preferences. Engage your audience in comments and other activities.

On SoundCloud don’t forget to tags, and they will allow you to transmit your songs to listeners with a similar musical taste. Feel free to include it in the “buy” link. You can also provide a free copy of your best track. If people like you as an artist, they will tend to help you succeed.

To promote your creativity on SoundCloud, do the following:

  1. Create your SoundCloud account.
  2. Upload your tracks there.
  3. Tag tracks with appropriate tags, such as genre, mood, or location (geolocation).
  4. Find your target audience.
  5. Find channels that can share your music, such as ad and forward channels, other artist channels, tags, and more.
  6. Add a “buy” link.
  7. The comment will help you get feedback and interest from your audience.
  8. Create work that stands out on SoundCloud and share it on social media to give it a boost
  9. Share other artists’ channels and build good relationships with them.
  10. Download and distribute your tracks on all the platforms you have.
  11. If you have the material opportunity, try to promote your tracks through advertising so that more people will notice your work.

Reach potential fans on Facebook

Facebook should be at the center of everything related to your music. It is a hybrid of your YouTube channel and your website. So use it to promote yourself.

Let’s say you have published your music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Then share this information on Facebook. You can post everything from promo videos and album release notes to announcements and band performances.

To start promoting on Facebook, you need the following:

  1. Create a business page, don’t promote music from your profile.
  2. Enter all the relevant information there, add a logo, cover, and contacts.
  3. Add links to all your other music websites (social media’s)
  4. Submit information on live and behind-the-scenes performances, studio assignments, releases, and crews.
  5. Use #hashtags to create content strings. For example, your favorite album of the week or your weekly snapshots.
  6. Create events for upcoming concerts.
  7. Share your music in relevant groups.
  8. Run ads to promote new releases, events, and announcements.
  9. Respond to the comments. Chat and engage with all fans.

Playlists on streaming platforms

Online streaming services and playlists have given us a new way of listening to music. With one-click access to millions of songs, artists have the opportunity to broadcast their work to hundreds of thousands of potential fans. Two services are currently the leading platforms. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Send your track to Spotify

Unlike social media, Spotify is not a platform to communicate with your fans. However, when it comes to promoting tracks, their playlists are pretty influential. To get there, you must first submit your music to the publishers of this platform.

To do this, you will need to create a Spotify artist account, and you are good to go. From hundreds of playlists, you can choose the one that suits you best. Don’t limit yourself to just your music; create lists shared with other artists. This will help expand your reach and improve interaction with other artists, encouraging your fans to get to know your work better.

To attract as many potential fans as possible, you need to include your masterpiece in as many relevant playlists as possible. Adding your music to a playlist and listing it can generate hundreds, if not millions, of listeners per month.

  1. Sign up for a Spotify artist account.
  2. Upload at least 2-3 good-quality photos of yourself or your group.
  3. Fill in your bio with something exciting and add links to your social networks.
  4. Attach a link to your latest single in the “Select Artist” section.
  5. At the top of the home page, click “PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE” and write a good presentation for your editorial playlist.
  6. Release your song.
  7. Attach links to other platforms where your song is uploaded.
  8. Add your music to multiple custom playlists that match your genre. Remember, the more specific, the better.
  9. Create your own “artist playlist” with similar artists and tag them on social media.
  10. Create content regularly to remind people to listen to it.

2. Playlists on Apple Music

The Apple Music promotion works the same way as Spotify and is based on playlists. The first step is to register, as usual, then claim the rights to your artist account and confirm it. The downside to Apple Music is that the promotion process on Spotify is much easier and more manageable.

If you are a young artist, then you have to deal with Apple-approved units. They will upload your music in exchange for a reward or a share of the profits. Yes, the process is very complicated, but the opportunities you get are tremendous!

Suppose you have at least 20 published albums and have an international standard recording code and a universal product code. In that case, you can consider yourself a veteran in Apple’s eyes and publish your songs directly in the app.

  1. Sign in to Apple Music for Artists with your ID.
  2. Request artist access and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Add high-quality photos, bio, and social media to your artist profile.
  4. Upload your music using a third-party aggregator (commission or royalty percentage is charged).
  5. As mentioned above, if you are an Apple Music veteran, you can upload your music yourself.
  6. Upload your album cover (listeners will see it before hearing your song).
  7. Create your playlist, including your tracks, as well as tracks from similar artists. Do not forget the links to social networks.
  8. Build and develop relationships with other playlist owners.
  9. Try to get into Apple’s playlist by partnering with a record company, distributor, or multiple aggregators.

So now you know how to promote your music as an independent artist! Millions of potential fans are waiting to hear your tracks. Some use Spotify, and others use YouTube or Apple Music. To be successful, it must be accessible everywhere. And you must use any social media platform out there. It may be tiring, but it will be worth eventually.

Develop a strategy for each platform and take advantage of all the main features. Don’t forget to have a quality product (music track) to promote, and mixing and mastering play a big part. If you don’t have the knowledge, then request these services in our studio at affordable prices. Don’t stand still! Start promoting!

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